Lockdown has made more lawyers realise that you can work more flexibly and in the Excello way.

Liverpool-based Sarah Nolan has over 15 years’ commercial and insolvency litigation experience, and prior to joining Excello Law, was Director & Head of Commercial & Employment Law at a private practice law firm in the city. However, as the department head, Sarah then had to handle a new management role, on top of her day to day legal work, meaning less time for her clients and more time spent on running her new department. Furthermore, she found she was encouraged to take on clients that would benefit her firm commercially, rather than pursue cases she found of real interest.

An easy transition

In 2017 Sarah was introduced to Excello Law and found that its approach to work and agile model was more aligned with her own way of working and since joining in 2018, she hasn’t looked back.

Sarah is now more in control of choosing the clients she works with and critically, her time. Sarah enjoys the increased focus on her clients, in comparison to private practice, and is able to rely on the business support team at Excello Law, who carry out a range of work from administrative tasks to compliance, to not have to worry about these elements of legal work: “The support from Excello is there so you are able to focus completely on your clients.”

Sarah now also has time to focus on her life outside her legal work. As a consultant lawyer, Sarah is able to carve out her time around her clients and her own personal life; unlike working at a traditional law firm, Sarah is in charge of her time and schedule.

Living in Liverpool has meant Sarah is able to take advantage of Excello’s office in the city. Excello’s approach to building and managing teams has enabled her and other lawyers in Liverpool to develop their own teams, ensuring they can continue to act in  heavy duty litigation cases and best service their clients.

A trusted network

Excello lawyers are able to draw upon the vast experience of other members of the firm and refer work within the team. When needed, Sarah is able to refer work not only to the team in Liverpool, but further afield to other lawyers based around the country, and she knows that she can rely on these teams:

“One struggle in private practice is a lawyer being told they are not cross referring enough between departments. Sometimes you are duty bound to pass your clients to someone in another team within the firm who you know might not provide the level of service a client deserves and expects, and that would not reflect well on you.”

“The difference with Excello is that all of our lawyers understand the value of the client, the client is everything to us. Excello attracts lawyers who are like-minded, committed, self-starters. You know that the lawyers here think and work like you and so the trust is already there. You know they’ll do a good job for your client.”


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