“Excello Law is a great home for sole practitioners. For the first time in many years, I now have the time to focus on helping my clients”

Louise Brown qualified as an employment lawyer over 20 years ago and became a sole practitioner in 2000. After 15 years of running her own practice, employing teams and being responsible for all aspects of compliance, insurance, accounts and administration, her specialist employment practice, Abel Brown Solicitors, merged with Excello Law in 2016 bringing a team of six lawyers to the firm.

“I became a sole practitioner originally to give me the simplicity of being able to practise and look after my kids, but it didn’t stay little and simple for long. It became the monster that ruled my life. I was responsible for every aspect of running the business and had a team of trainees and admin staff to manage, providing all the HR processes too on top of meeting all the regulatory requirements.

“I merged my company in 2008 with a more traditional law firm to try and ease the burden, but became worn down with the office politics and endless meetings. Everyone seemed obsessed with their IT systems! I started my own business again and battled on for seven years, but knew I had to find another solution.”

A welcoming home

Having previously merged her business eight years ago, Louise was initially cautious when she approached Excello Law, having also looked at other firms, but quickly felt she had found a welcoming home for herself and her team.

“I was attracted to Excello straight away. They saw my business as of value. One of the Excello Law directors, Jo Losty, was great. I completely trusted her. She always found the time to go through things with me and had a very personable approach. I felt we would be looked after, as a team, in the future.”

The benefits to Louise have been immediate: “It was an immense relief to be free of accounts, PI renewal and dealing with the SRA. For the first time in many years, I have had a proper holiday with my family where I didn’t feel the need to be checking email all the time.

A perfect solution

“I can focus on what I always set out to do – help my clients – but also I have spent more time with my children. They have witnessed all the trials and tribulations over the years but coming to Excello Law has been a perfect solution. “

Abel Brown had a panel position with DAS Legal Expenses Insurance for a number of years and Excello Law is now on the panel as a result of Louise joining the team. Having access to wider expertise within the firm has proved beneficial to her client: “There is no guaranteed case volume with panel work but you can sometimes suddenly have a number of cases come in on the same day. The wider Excello team has stepped up to take this when necessary, and we’ve also resolved an insolvency issue which was taken by one of Excello’s specialists. It was a good result and the client was very happy.”

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