“We have benefitted from a very supportive approach from the Excello team with the focus on helping us secure and grow our client base”

Lawyer - David MooreLondon-based senior commercial and litigation specialist David Moore joined Excello Law in 2016, having previously worked as a partner at Collyer Bristow and then helping to establish a new-model business, the London office of MTA.  He specialises in commercial work and disputes for clients in a wide range of sectors particularly in technical fields.

He has experienced first-hand the challenges facing the profession as clients increasingly look for better value legal advice, and the more traditional firms start to struggle with heavy overheads and expensive office space, relocating back-office teams to cheaper locations while pushing fee-earners for every billable hour.

“I was comfortable with the Excello agile working model because I had already moved to a non-traditional model at MTA, but we had not developed the flexible working practices as far as Excello has done.  I decided that Excello offered a genuinely supportive approach with the focus on helping me secure and grow work.  In previous firms, the weight of administration and managerial tasks had become burdensome.  The team at Excello Law is friendly, decent and straightforward.

“One of my key decisions in joining the firm was the need for the IT systems and general processes to consistently deliver what we need.  We were looking for ease of use, as well as the robustness of the IT, and this has lived up to expectations.”

New technology has undoubtedly spurred the growth of innovative working practices within the legal profession, and is at the heart of both cutting costs to clients and giving lawyers the freedom and flexibility to work as they choose.

Bespoke transition programme

At Excello Law, a bespoke transition programme, covering all aspects of induction and the move to agile working, is put in place at the moment a lawyer decides to join the firm.  This includes providing additional services such as financial planning and tax advice, as well as full technological and administrative support.

All key technology processes covering systems support, hardware purchasing, systems training, equipment configuration, guidance, client data security and the IT helpdesk are managed by the Excello in-house business services support team.  The firm’s agile working model is fully enabled by user-friendly and innovative computer systems accessed through a cloud based intranet.

The business model was also pertinent to David’s clients.  “They wish to appoint a solid firm which will deliver results, ensuring they have direct access to me and other senior lawyers as required.  A London workspace is important, plus they are looking for sensible hourly rates and costings.

“At Excello Law, in addition to working within an agile business model, we have regional office hubs, including London, where I can work and meet with clients.  I am very motivated to develop and enhance our level of service and business relationship with them and I am free to work in the way that suits the clients best.”

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