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“Excello Law is a great home for sole practitioners.  For the first time in many years, I now have the time to focus on helping my clients”

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“We have benefitted from a very supportive approach from the Excello team with the focus on helping us secure and grow our client base”

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“Joining Excello Law was exactly the right thing for me at exactly the right time.  The stress disappeared and allowed me to focus on the work.”

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Michael Farrelly, Employment Lawyer

Michael Farrelly, Employment Lawyer

“At Excello Law, I have found a happy home for both myself and my clients; allowing me to offer them a quality, flexible service at value for money and in a manner that reflects the advice they require rather than targets and charge out rates.  The agility of the model has meant that I have been able to cement and grow my role as “trusted adviser” and my clients really love the flexible and commercial service I can now provide.”

Steve Thomas, Insolvency Lawyer

Steve Thomas, Insolvency Lawyer

“The model of Excello means that the priority is the clients.  All the overheads, expensive offices and unnecessary waste that sometimes comes with a traditional law practice is effectively ejected with an agile working structure and no hierarchy. We are streamlined to suit the needs of the clients.  We are cost-efficient and can deliver the service the way the client wants.”

Nelu Abeygunasekera, Employment Lawyer

Nelu Abeygunasekera, Employment Lawyer

“I love working like this.  I have sole responsibility for myself and am not saddled with targets that don’t help build lasting relationships with clients. It is very liberating knowing the buck stops with you.  I choose the clients I want to work with.  It could be a start-up, a listed company or an organisation in the not for profit sector.  I can add real value to these organisations, without the pressure of billable hours.  Billing is still crucial, but it’s not used to measure my success – it’s a much more commercially holistic approach.”

Sarah Nolan, Commercial Litigation Lawyer

“I can’t recommend Excello Law enough!  My only regret is that I didn’t join them sooner!”

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