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Excello Law is a leading, new-model law firm. Using innovative technology to support true agile working, we offer lawyers greater freedom, flexibility and control to manage their working lives as they choose, supported by a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture.

Throughout his professional career, Excello Law’s founder and managing director, George Bisnought, was struck by the inequity of the legal practice; neither clients nor lawyers seemed to be getting a fair deal. For many lawyers, the traditional practice model no longer worked and, despite attempts at flexibility, conventional firms were unable to achieve true agility.

The last decade has seen the progressive liberalisation of the legal services market enabling Excello Law to create a working model that does justice to lawyers and clients alike. Since its inception in 2009 as one of the first limited company law firms, Excello Law has grown rapidly, acquiring its licence as an ABS in 2013.

With a non-hierarchical structure, an attractive fee share reward scheme and the support of a dedicated business services team, Excello Law provides a liberating environment for entrepreneurial lawyers.

The result is a win-win environment:

  • Clients gain outstanding quality services and great value.
  • They deal directly with their appointed lawyer.
  • They enjoy a fairer fee structure.
  • They have access to a national, full-service team of senior experts.
  • Consultant lawyers can choose where, when and for whom they work.
  • They have access to full business support resources, from billing and admin through to compliance and marketing.
  • They have a supportive home for their client practice, enabling them to reap the benefits of their hard work and success.

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