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In 2009, when I established Excello Law, my aim was nothing short of revolutionising the legal industry. At the time, the concept of consultancy-model law firms was considered unconventional, but it resonated with the most forward-thinking lawyers who shared my vision.

Fast forward to today, and consultancy-model firms, once considered ‘alternative,’ have risen to prominence as viable options for legal professionals. Experts predict that by 2026, more than a quarter of UK lawyers will find their place within these innovative firms. This is an exciting time to be part of the movement, and at Excello Law, we stand at the forefront of reshaping the legal landscape.

However, I’ve observed that the legal press often fixates on the choice between traditional law firms and consultancies. They discuss the benefits that consultancies offer lawyers and how these firms provide improved services to clients. Yet, I firmly believe that this choice is no longer a simple binary one. Not all consultancy-model law firms are created equal.

It’s time to shift the conversation from ‘traditional or consultancy model’ to a more empowering question: ‘which firm is the right fit for me and my ambitions?‘.


Structure serves as a crucial differentiator among consultancy-model firms. While the line between traditional and consultancy firms has blurred, some firms have private equity backing or are listed, introducing hierarchies and billing targets. It is essential for lawyers to evaluate if a firm’s objectives align with their ambitions. At Excello Law, our foundation is built on Excellence, Trust, and Integrity. We foster a supportive environment where each lawyer can thrive and deliver exceptional work for clients. We are not solely focused on numbers or growth; our mission is to empower lawyers to achieve their best.


The approach to support and overall offerings for lawyers is another key distinguishing factor among consultancy-model firms. While some firms have standardised processes and systems, Excello Law emphasises tailor-made solutions. We believe that every lawyer is unique, with different working styles and preferences. Our approach revolves around empowering lawyers to thrive by providing them with the necessary resources, infrastructure, and administrative assistance to excel in their practice.

Practice Focus

Practice areas are another critical consideration when choosing a consultancy-model firm. Different firms specialise in various areas of law, and it is crucial to align expertise and interests with a firm that offers relevant opportunities and support within one’s field. Whilst some consultancy-model firms are predominantly focussed on residential conveyancing, others focus on corporate law. At Excello Law, we have carved out a niche in corporate, commercial and private client work. We tailor our support, resources, and training to empower lawyers in this area to reach new heights of success. Our network of experienced lawyers in these areas has resulted in a strong referral network with 42% of files opened generated by referrals between lawyers.

Support Offering

Support is not just about autonomy; it’s about having a well-equipped system that enhances efficiency and allows lawyers to focus on what they do best: serving their clients with excellence. At Excello Law, our ‘consultancy plus’ support model goes beyond the basics. We provide comprehensive PA support, ongoing training, wellbeing initiatives, networking events, and tailored marketing and PR to help our lawyers succeed. Our 2023 internal survey reported that 94% of our lawyers are ‘highly satisfied’ with our support offering.

Fee Share

Fee share is often highlighted by consultancy-model firms, but it is crucial to understand how that translates into the support received. At Excello Law, we offer an exceptional fee share, but more importantly, we ensure that our administrative support, technology, business development, marketing, and overall infrastructure truly meet the expectations and goals of our lawyers. We are committed to investing in the success of our lawyers by providing them with the tools and resources they need to thrive.

Flexibility and Freedom

Flexibility and freedom are the cornerstones of consultancy-model firms, but it is important to ascertain the extent of these benefits. Every lawyer needs to fully understand the parameters set by each firm. At Excello Law, we proudly offer true freedom to our lawyers, without any set targets or hours. We believe in considering personal circumstances and aligning the level of flexibility provided with individual needs.

Office Locations

Location and offices play a crucial role in the success of a firm and its lawyers. Excello Law understands the importance of regional presence and face-to-face interaction with clients. That’s why we have 9 serviced offices in central regional locations, allowing our lawyers to tap into local business development opportunities. We provide the necessary support for operating and driving business in various parts of the UK.

Consultancy-model law firms, like Excello Law, are no longer merely alternatives to traditional firms. We have emerged as trailblazers with unique strengths and differentiators. I urge the legal press to help lawyers understand the offerings of each firm, providing accurate and comprehensive information to guide them in finding the right fit for their ambitions.

Let’s change the conversation and empower lawyers to make more informed decisions about their career paths. Join us at Excello Law, where passion, innovation, and excellence converge to shape the future of the legal profession. Together, we can achieve greatness and redefine what it means to be a lawyer in the 21st century.

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