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There are natural periods in the annual calendar when people focus on what they really want from their future working life – New Year is a classic opportunity to refocus, as is the return from holiday. Having had the chance to rest, enjoy the company of family and friends and clear a little headspace to think, many people question if they want to get back on the hamster wheel, or is there is a better and more flexible way of pursuing their career?

Consultant working is the norm for many people in marketing and IT, but the legal profession has been slower to embrace new ways of working. However, with predictions that a third of lawyers will work as consultants in five years’ time, and with a raft of interest following the pandemic, we look at the key considerations.

When is the right time to move from a salaried position to a consultancy?

If it is vital for you to have the regularity of a set monthly income, annual pay reviews, potential for performance bonuses and a clear hierarchical structure to work towards moving up the corporate ladder, you may not be ready for consultancy yet.

However, if you are ambitious, good at networking, meeting new contacts and bringing in business and referrals, being a consultant lawyer could give you wings! Lawyers with a good following and strong networks earn a much fairer reward under our revenue share model for the work they bring in compared with traditional law firm practice. Try our earnings calculator to see what you could earn as a consultant solicitor. (And there’s no billing targets either!)

I am used to lots of central support – how will I manage on my own?

You’re not on your own. We provide dedicated central resources across IT, finance, secretarial and admin, marketing and business development. Our highly experienced and skilled business support teams, and use of secure, cloud-based finance, IT and case management platforms, provide a proven structure for consultant lawyers to successfully manage and develop your practice. And unlike many similar model firms, the majority of our services – including all secretarial and admin support – are provided free of charge with no additional costs.

I like working in an office – I don’t want to work full time from home

As a consultant lawyer with Excello, you have the choice. We have the largest network of free to use offices of any of the consultancy law firms – currently in 10 locations across the country including London, Birmingham, Leicester, Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester and Leeds.
They are City-centre based with great transport links, offer full facilities for permanent working, hot desking and client meetings as you choose, have printing and copying facilities on site and most are staffed by our Excello 360 team members who provide dedicated secretarial and admin services.
So if you’re looking for office working, hybrid or remote, it’s up to you. Work when, where and how you want to.

I like working as part of a team

You’re exactly the type of consultant lawyer we’re looking for. One of our core values is collaborative working. Through our offices, practice groups, social events and communications, we’re totally focused on team working. Our working style is collegiate and we find our lawyers naturally network, building client and practice teams seamlessly. We also offer supportive and bespoke ways to build your own team if you want to bring on board paralegals, trainees and newly-qualified lawyers to help develop your practice.

Over 40% of new case files opened are internal referrals by our lawyers and we enjoy a supportive and engaging culture underpinned by a common ethos to deliver the best service to our clients.

How to take the first steps towards becoming a consultant solicitor

We are looking for pro-active and ambitious lawyers who are passionate about delivering legal services in a modern and innovative way.

At Excello Law, our approach to recruitment is about quality not quantity. We’re looking for successful lawyers who have the experience, entrepreneurial skills and networks to reap the benefits of working in a more liberated and supportive law firm. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in joining the Excello Law team.

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