Gain freedom and control

Excello Law offers a truly agile way of working. Consultant lawyers can choose how, when, where, and for whom they work. They can work from home, or in our offices; they can work part or full time; design their own fee structure and recruit their own clients. They get all the benefits of working independently, with the advantages of being part of a skilled, passionate team of  lawyers.

Manage your time

The profession has reached a critical stage; solicitors’ lives are dominated by their work, constantly having to justify their hours and continually striving to meet unrealistic expectations. With Excello Law, you can choose when and where you work, so that your career fits in with your lifestyle, and not vice-versa.

Our agile working model affords our consultant solicitors total flexibility and control over their hours.

Grow your client base

With our administrative, marketing, compliance and paralegal support, you can grow your client base, build your business and devote 100% of your time to delivering great customer service, safe in the knowledge that you have access to additional resources should you need them. What’s more, within our supportive team, we operate a client referral scheme and are proud that over 40% of files opened are the result of internal referrals.

Set your fee structure

With Excello Law, you can set your own fee structure and determine your charge-out rate for each of your clients, including fixed fee options, based on your desire to work with them. The result is total transparency, better quality of service and value for money.

We know many lawyers are tired of having to justify “non-chargeable” time, when investment in getting to know their clients and their business early on reaps the best results in the long term.

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