Quality and value

Meeting the demands of clients for greater accessibility to quality legal expertise at a fairer price was one of the core reasons Excello Law was founded.  Our business model is designed to deliver equity and quality to both our lawyers and their clients.

Access to you

Often, a business or individual will secure a lawyer based on their experience and reputation, only to be handed over to a less senior member of staff. At Excello Law, our clients develop a one-to-one relationship with the lawyer they appointed and enjoy direct access to that lawyer when they need.

You can take your time to get to know a client and assess their needs, agreeing a fee structure with them according to your desire to work with them. You won’t be accountable for non-chargeable hours, or billable hours targets. Your clients get the best value for money and you get the satisfaction that you are doing what you do best.

Wider expertise

We are much more than a team of senior lawyers; we are a close-knit community, working together for the benefit of our clients. Our consultant solicitors naturally collaborate with each other and are subject to an incentivised referral scheme, which means that clients benefit from full-service law firm expertise.

Working with like-minded and experienced professionals across a wide range of specialisms, without the internal competition and hierarchies that so often prevail within the profession, our lawyers are confident and proud to refer work across the firm.

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